Do you want to invest in real estate?

• According to your budget and goals, we design a tailor-made real estate investment strategy by putting together an investment portfolio

• We find properties that suit this strategy and your budget

• We provide you with advice in acquisition of real properties (taxation, legislation, risks, agreements)

• We provide you with advice in obtaining funding for your real estate investments (if requested)

• We find the right tenants, including by checking their background to determine the lease-related risks

• We provide you with advice in the lease process (taxation, legislation, risks, agreements)

• We produce an annual investment report featuring the conditions of your property, its market vale and, manifestly, the return rate obtained

• We manage your property (payment of taxes and dues, relation with utility providers, regulation inspections of the property, repairs to the property’s systems, digital archiving of documents)

• We manage the entire relation with your tenants (agreement, rent payment, following-up or making payments, digital archiving of documents)

• Added-value services for tenants (consequently enhancing the rent value)

• Management of the relations with the utility providers, including payment of utilities or following-up invoicing and payment

• Collection of rent in the manner preferred by the tenant.

• Provision of administrative services (for a consideration): cleaning, maintenance of various systems, do-it-yourself, various errands)

• 24/7 Call Center to report any problems occurred in connection with the property



Charges and costs:

The investment services are charged 1-3% of the amount of the investment made (one-time charge at acquisition), and additionally 10-15% of the gross annual rent gain (the gain from the increased value of the property is not charged)
All the services are covered by these charges, less the repair, maintenance and investment costs. The administrative services rendered to tenants are borne by the tenants.



Why should you choose us?

We are the only agency that offers full services for real estate investments, that is assistance in real estate transactions, property management and lease out.
We help you tailor the right portfolio of real estate investments in accordance with your budget and specific objectives (desired liquidity rate, short-term return vs. long-term return, value preservation, etc.).
We provide you with advice in obtaining the necessary funding to support your real estate investments
We provide high added-value services to tenants, so that the price of rent could reach or even exceed the maximum of the area for comparable properties. In fact, our fee is covered, in full or to a large extend, by this increase.
We propose you a net return rate for your investment in excess of 10% supported by the combination of rate and increase in the property’s value in time.