Do you have a property you want to sell out?

As we represent several real estate investors, we are able to find a buyer for your property very fast.


It takes us, in average, 10 days to find a buyer that is genuinely interested to put forward a firm offer

We deliver professional services and we are the only Real Estate company that GURANTEES YOU THE SALE. This means that, in not more than 30 days, we bring you at lease one firm offer for you property from a potential client.

We only work under exclusivity conditions and for a minimum term of 30 days

We are the only real estate agent that does not represent more than 10 properties at the same time, so that each property enjoys our full attention!


Charges and costs:

All the professional services are included in the success fee. We charge no other fee in addition to the success fee of 2-3% of the collected amount.

Services covered:

  • Professional photos of the property

  • Putting together a presentation folder for the property

  • Advice in putting together the folder of the property (all the necessary documents for smooth closing of the purchase and sale transaction)

  • Advertising the property to an exclusive pool of real estate investors

  • Advertising the property on several specialized websites

  • Visiting the property with potential clinets

  • Assistance throughout all the steps of the sale and purchase process to full collection of the price


How do we do it?

First, we visit the property. Then, we bring a professional photographer and put together the presentation folder of the property.

In parallel, we provide you with a list of all the documents that should be included in the folder for the transaction.


Why should you choose us?

We are the only real estate agency that limit the number of properties advanced at the same time at 10. Thus, we can show all of clients the attention they deserve.

We offer a complete range of services, from advice in building the real estate strategy and putting together the presentation folder, to advertising the property, visits and assistance in closing the deal.



*We guarantee a firm offer from a potential client in the range of +/-10% as compared to the reference price set in confidentiality upon the initial evaluation of the property


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