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We are the only agency that offers full services for real estate investments, that is assistance in real estate transactions, property management and lease out.

We help you tailor the right portfolio of real estate investments in accordance with your budget and specific objectives (desired liquidity rate, short-term return vs. long-term return, value preservation, etc.).

We provide you with advice in obtaining the necessary funding to support your real estate investments.

We provide high added-value services to tenants, so that the price of rent could reach or even exceed the maximum of the area for comparable properties. In fact, our fee is covered, in full or to a large extend, by this increase.

We propose you a net return rate for your investment in excess of 10% supported by the combination of rate and increase in the property’s value in time.

What makes the difference for us:

10 days is the average time for closing a deal (selling or leasing out a property) We are the only real estate company that guarantees the sale of the properties we have accepted to represent.

• High return: 10% % is the annual aggregate net minimum return rate (increase in the value of the property + net rent rate) for real estate investments broken by us

• Commitment: not more than10 properties represented for sale or lease at the same time

• A-Plus Services


Real estate investments have always ranked very high in the investors’ preferences for come very good reasons:

• Safety

•Two types of gains: on very short-term by lease, and on long-term by the value that adds on to the property in time

•Relatively high return for the low risk of the investment The investments we broke provide an aggregate return of more than 10% p.a.

•Average liquidity (they can be sold relative fast if liquidation is intended)